Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Nick kicks off his election campaign

Before Gordon Brown had made it to the Palace, Nick Clegg was up and running leading the Lib Dem election campaign.

This morning he gave a quick briefing to Party workers at Cowley Street - video below.

Later this morning he will be doing an interview in the back of a London cab for The Sun (as well as lots of other interviews, no doubt) and then he is off for his first constituency visit of the campaign proper in Watford.

Housekeeping note: During the campaign, I'll be spending a lot of my time on the road taking photos and video of Nick, Vince Cable and other leading Lib Dems around the country. I'll still be around in Launceston from time to time and available all the time on my mobile (07984 644138) and email (alexfolkes@gmail.com). So please get in touch if you have any questions or comments about Cornwall Council or Launceston.

I'll also be posting photos, video and news from the campaign trail as often as possible.

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