Tuesday, 6 April 2010

The manifesto Pledges by Milo and Jasper Folkes (aged 6 & 5 yrs)

This comes from my sister-in-law and is the considered thoughts of my nephews - bless 'em

1. Top Manifesto pledge: Everyone to have a wii and to play lego wii. There is to be a special day (every Tuesday) for children to play Lego wii.

2. On Education: Much much more time to play at school, this will teach children to share.

3. On Hospitals: Servants to bring you food whenever you want it in hospital.

4. On transport: Motorways to only be allowed two cars at a time. We will provide more buses. Wherever you are, whenever you put your hand out - the bus will come.

5. On the military: English to have zookas and if we go to war, the other side have to wear yellow dresses so that we can see where they are better. (I do not know where this has come from!)

For the record ... Jasper wants to vote for Gordon Brown "because he has kept us safe so far" and Milo will vote for the Lib Dems "Oranges ... that's mummy's and uncle Alex's team"

Final statement: "It is important to vote so that they can make money for us"

And there you have it, this is the future.

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