Tuesday, 20 April 2010

List of Cornwall election candidates

Cornwall Council has just released the list of the candidates standing in Cornwall at the General Election.

In North Cornwall they are:

Sian Flynn, Conservative
Janet Hulme, Labour
Miriel O'Connor, UKIP
Dan Rogerson, Lib Dem
Joanie Willett, MK

In St Austell and Newquay

Dick Cole, MK
James Fitton, BNP
Steve Gilbert, Lib Dem
Lee Jameson, Labour
Clive Medway, UKIP
Caroline Righton, Conservative

In South East Cornwall

Roger Creagh-Osborne, Green
Karen Gillard, Lib Dem
Roger Holmes, MK
Stephanie McWilliam, UKIP
Sheryll Murray, Conservative
Michael Sparling, Labour

In Truro and Falmouth

Harry Blakeley, UKIP
Charlotte Mackenzie, Labour
Sarah Newton, Conservative
Loic Rich, MK
Terrye Teverson, Lib Dem
Ian Wright, Green

In Camborne and Redruth

Derek Elliott, UKIP
George Eustice, Conservative
Julia Goldsworthy, Lib Dem
Robert Hawkins, Socialist Labour Party
Loveday Jenkin, MK
Euan McPhee, Green
Jude Robinson, Labour

and finally, in St Ives

Tim Andrewes, Green
Mick Faulkener, UKIP
Andrew George, Lib Dem
Philippa Latimer, Labour
Simon Reed, MK
Jonathan Rogers, Cornish Democrats
Derek Thomas, Conservative

One interesting note, whilst Derek Thomas and George Eustice are happy to give their home addresses, other Tories including Sian Flynn and Sheryll Murray are keeping them secret. They are, of course, allowed to do this, but why shouldn't voters know where they live. All the Lib Dems in Cornwall have given their home address.

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