Saturday, 17 April 2010

Cameron's tale unravels

Matt Chorley passes on the news via twitter that the Plymouth Herald have found the '40 year old black man' referred to by Tory leader David Cameron during last week's leaders' debate.

If you remember, Cameron said:

"I was in Plymouth recently and a 40-year-old black man... said, 'I came here when I was six, I've served in the Royal Navy for 30 years. I'm incredibly proud of my country. But I'm so ashamed that we've had this out-of-control (immigration) system with people abusing it so badly'."

Except Neal Forde is 51, not 40.

He served 6 years in the Navy, not 30.

And he doesn't agree with Cameron on immigration anyway.

Just how much else did Cameron make up on the spot last Thursday?

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