Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Tories pledge 'minister for Cornwall' - probably because they know they won't win seats here

I read today that the Conservatives are planning to have a Minister for Cornwall should they win the General Election.

Two thoughts arise...

First, that there is nothing in the article which definitely confirms whether the Conservatives will do this - or whether they are just blowing smoke at the voters of Cornwall in the hope that they will fall for a fairly blatant bit of patronising campaigning. I've written to Mr Cameron asking him to confirm this one way or another.

Second, does this indicate that the Conservatives are actually a lot less sure about winning Cornish seats than they would have us believe? After all, at the moment Cornwall has five Lib Dem MPs who do a fine job in representing local people. Having a tokenistic minister for Cornwall - who will either be unpaid and powerless or will be a minister with about five different job titles - will do little to add to what good quality MPs can do.

My real concern is that a 'Minister for Cornwall' will be cover for Conservative MPs who are just not up to the job of standing up for local people themselves.


LibCync said...

This "cover" is already being provided by their "shadow minister for Cornwall" Hertford MP Mark Prisk:

LibCync said...

Doh! I see all that's in the article you linked to know!