Friday, 26 March 2010

Official - Cornwall Conservatives raise taxes more

Council tax payers in Cornwall will face the second biggest percentage rise of all who live in the 56 unitary councils according to new figures provided by the Government.

Average bills in Conservative run Cornwall will rise by 3.3% in the coming year. Only the Isles of Scilly will see a larger rise (at 4.6%).

Whilst 48 Conservative run councils and many Lib Dem councils across the UK are freezing council tax (or cutting it) in the coming year, Cornish Conservatives are raising local bills by more than the rate of inflation (currently 3%).

Cornwall is one of the poorest parts of the UK and council tax is a very blunt stick type of taxation because it is not based on ability to pay (see my post here for more).

Back in June last year, the Conservatives delivered lots of leaflet promising to freeze council tax for two years. Despite officers confirming that the unitary savings are well on course, they haven't delivered.

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