Tuesday, 23 March 2010

New parking restrictions for Moorland Road?

Cornwall Council are considering introducing new parking restrictions in Moorland Road outside the Police Station and St Catherine's Primary School.

The problem is that it is a narrow road and cars parking (quite legally) on the road mean that it can be difficult for other vehicles to get past. This is particularly a problem for the town bus service. I am told that the bus, and cars, have been damaged.

So the Council will shortly be trying to work out the best solution - probably in the form of yellow lines.

I have talked to both the Headteacher at the school and the Police to find out what they think of the proposal. Neither have an objection in principle but the school would like any restrictions not to apply at dropping off and picking up time. As the bus does not run at these times (it is used for school transport elsewhere), I would hope that this can be accommodated.

Before any restrictions come into force, I have asked for a formal consultation with the school, Police and residents of Moorland Road, St Johns Road, Cowlard Close and George Fox Close as they will all be affected.

I recognise that there is a problem with parking in this area, but would like to hear the views of residents before giving my support to this particular proposal.

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