Monday, 8 March 2010

Healthy Launceston activities at Launceston Rugby Club

I wanted to blog in appreciation of Launceston Rugby Club and all that it is doing to promote a healthier Launceston.

Obviously the main purpose of the club is to play and win rugby matches, not just at first team level, but also with colts, minis and juniors, castles and ladies teams.

But the club also does its bit for healthier lifestyles. The ladies squad hold weekly 'rugby-cise' fitness classes every Monday. In the same way that boxer-cise uses the fitness regime followed by boxers (but without the awkward 'being punched' bit), so rugby-cise uses the skills and training techniques of rugby without the tackling and contact.

And in the school holidays, the club also holds rugby camps for kids aged 6-16. During the February half-term, there were 143 sessions over three days. Many of the children who attended will be those who play rugby each weekend for one of the mini or junior teams at Launceston or one of the other local clubs. But a large number of attendees were new to the game and there were kids who came from as far afield as Truro and Redruth. Whether they are just looking for exercise or are serious about playing doesn't matter in the long run - the camps helped to promote a healthy lifestyle and it is to LRFC's huge credit that they organised and ran the camps, charging just £12.50 per child per day.

As well as the camps, Launceston Rugby Club has a community coaching scheme with two coaches who work with schools across East Cornwall promoting the sport.

Well done to LRFC and to the RFU, Cornwall Sports Partnership and Animus Consulting, a local company who helped sponsor the events to make them as cheap as possible for the kids to come. Hopefully there will be more companies who will come forward and help support future camps to make them even cheaper.

The club are busy arranging more rugby camps for the Easter holidays which will run from Tuesday 13th April until Friday 16th from 9am-3pm each day. For more info and to book, call 01566 773406.

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