Thursday, 25 March 2010

Government investment in coastal towns

Communities Minister John Denham has announced that £5 million is being given by the Government to help re-generate coastal towns.

Mr Denham correctly identifies that many traditional coastal towns are suffering and need regeneration:

"Our coastal areas are rich with history and a high quality of life that makes them attractive places to live in and many seafronts have been transformed in recent years with government investment and support.

"Places like St Ives, Hastings and Scarborough are showing they can thrive once again through strong local leadership and dynamic businesses, no longer dependent on British weather, attracting visitors all year round.

"There is no reason why our other seaside towns can't flourish in the same way."

So far, so good.

But the downside is that the money available is just £5 million and it's spread across 25 areas. Don't get me wrong, investment is welcome. But what can £200,000 to regenerate perhaps as many as 30 coastal towns in Cornwall possibly achieve?

If Labour were really serious about boosting regeneration in towns like Looe, Bude, Portreath, Porthleven and countless others, then they would be putting in far more money.

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