Friday, 19 March 2010

Free activities for young coming soon

Cornwall Council will be funding free activities for a range of young people from the beginning of April. The activities will include events at Council leisure centres as well a range of private providers.

The Activity Pass will be provided free of charge to families with school aged children who are in receipt of free school meals or the higher rate of working families tax credit and to children in care.

The value of each pass will be £195 and they will last for a year. Each time a child uses the pass, the cost of the activity will be deducted from their 'account'. Activity providers will receive the full value of the activity from the Council.

What I want to see is more and more activity providers being able to take part in the scheme. If you want to know more about the Activity Pass, contact me.


Anonymous said...

Great way of spending my coucil tax,so people who prob have council tax paid for them get freebies,terrific..Remind me again why do I bother working?

cornish lass said...

anonymous your PATHETIC
my son has been given one of theese cards, but guess what we do pay council tax and rent..
we are on a low income but don't claim any benefits as my husband is a mature student so we live of his bursary which is £225 a week so we quailify for free school meals which means we get a 'freebie' card!!
bearing in mind out of this £225 we have to pay some rent and council tax and all utillity bills and food and £50 a week in fuel to get plymouth ..
so as you can imagine there is nothing left for treats each week so this is a huge bonus for us!!
if your that disgruntled then why work ???