Monday, 15 March 2010

Double Summer Time?

Once again there are reports that the Government is considering moving to double summer time - in other words, not moving the clocks back in the winter and moving them an extra hour forward in the summer.

The idea is that this will create extra daylight hours at times when people are up and about to make the best of them.

Certainly it would help the tourist industry with summer evenings staying light until as late as 11pm. The downside is that it would get light later in the morning (particularly in the winter) and this might be a drawback for some people. But the National Farmers Union has dismissed the idea that farmers would oppose the move.

As well as a boost to tourism, there may also be a benefit for fitness among young people with more time to play outside after school.

So what do you think?


Michael Gradwell said...

I see so much inefficiency when the clocks change and I wrote a blog about it in October last year at

Anonymous said...

firstly i think we should abolish the whole changing the clocks at all, but only because i hate the change.

second i might be being stupid or missing something but i fail to understand how the changes will affect tourism. i mean when i'm on holiday i try not to worry about time at all and if i want to get up at a certain time or go to bed at a certain time i do regardless of what the clock says.

besides which if i have x amount of money to spend on holiday then that's what i spend whether i get up at sunrise or two hours later. so unless i am missing something i fail to see how this will provide extra revenue in the tourist sector.

Richard said...

YES YES YES! It seems so stupid that during most of March we wake up when it is daylight and then it gets dark before 6 pm.
Double summer time would be great and if the Scots don't like they can have their independance and have their own time. We will be well shot of them!

Toby Ford said...

Campaigners for "single/double summertime" cite the success of the 1968-71 experiment of GMT+1 all year round. I suggest we return to that system now, and stop this nonsense of winding our clocks back and forth every six months.

Marplesmarbles said...

If that's how Richard feels about Scots in general, we'll just keep the oil that the rest of the uk depends on! Am not nationalistic but that attitude stinks! Changing clocks only started in 20th century during 1st world war. Just wait and see what happens is best policy!

Marplesmarbles said...

If that's Richard's attitude towards Scots, then we'll take the oil back as we say goodnight.
The arguements aren't petulant about going to work in dark, more possible fatalities. Its actually based on fact.
BST only came into play during WW1, to allow more working hrs.
But before all the arguments happen, let's give it a try and see if it does work ... Am always up for a challenge!