Monday, 22 March 2010

Double attack on Tory spin

There's a double attack on Tory spin in Cornwall tonight.

First up, there's the Conservative plans for the high speed rail line linking London to the North. South West rail user groups have attacked the plans as meaning that 'ordinary lines' in the South West will be neglected.

Then there's the trumpeting of investment of up to £2bn in Cornwall. My colleague Edwina Hannaford is worried that the new affordable homes will end up being for people from outside Cornwall rather than the local families who so desperately need them. And another colleague, Graham Walker, has looked at the money for the Building Schools for the Future programme and has found that none of the schools in the first tranche are actually eligible for the money as they are neither academies not foundation schools.

So the question arises - how much of the promised money will actually be invested for the benefit of the people of Cornwall.

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