Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Council says homeless 90 year old is not top priority

I make not apology for posting a second story about housing.

At today's meeting I asked Housing Cabinet Member Mark Kaczmarek about the banding system used to classify people on the housing waiting list. Applicants are graded either gold, silver or bronze, depending on their assessed level of need with gold being the highest. Higher level applicants automatically beat lower level applicants when bids for houses are assessed.

I wanted to know whether the council would consider reviewing the system following the recent experiences of one Launceston resident. This 90 year old lady has recently been made homeless. She was graded as silver by the Council and, as a result, has lost out when she has applied for homes.

I cannot believe that the Council does not consider a 90 year old lady who is homeless to be an absolutely top priority and am amazed that the Cabinet Member is refusing to review the system.

I'm fighting for this particular lady, but I'm also fighting the system that says she is not top priority.

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