Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Council confirms 'no traffic calming possible in Dutson Road'

I have had confirmation from the Council that they are not able to introduce any traffic calming measures in Dutson Road. It had been suggested recently that some works to slow the traffic might be possible, but this is, sadly, not the case.

As residents will know, Dutson Road is a very busy highway with a large number of heavy lorries. For part of its length there is no pavement and, with cars parked there, pedestrians often have to walk in the middle of the road.

I asked back in June if anything could be done but was told that, because the road is a major highway (it is also the A388), then nothing can be done. In particular, humps, chichanes and so on have all been ruled out. I haven't given up on action in the future but accept that it will take a large scale scheme to bring any change. I don't want to falsely raise the hopes of residents by campaigning for actions that I know cannot be achieved.

In the meantime, I have been finding ways to alleviate the problem, particularly for pedestrians. I have succeeded in getting the Council to stop classifying the road as a safe walking route for young people from the Ridgegrove Estate to the play area at Priory Park. As a consequence, the Council is now more actively looking at both a walking route between Ridgegrove Lane and Newport and a new play facility in a field to the south of Ridgegrove. These would both be great news. The new route would not be just for young people, of course.

The council has also refreshed the signs on the outskirts of town warning drivers approaching Dutson Road to slow down.

I continue to feel that residents of Ridgegrove and the surrounding area are short changed by the council and I think we are seeing the start of some moves in the right direction.

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