Monday, 22 March 2010

Byers, Hoon and Hewitt suspended... or How Gordon Brown got rid of three Blairites in a single blow

So Stephen Byers, Patsy Hewitt and Geoff Hoon have all been suspended from the Labour Party having been caught up in the latest 'MPs for sale' scandal.

Whilst he will have to endure a lot of digs from Cameron, I'm betting that Gordon Brown is not exactly unhappy at this. After all, all three are arch Blairites and would have been the leading candidates when anonymous and damaging briefings came out during the election campaign complaining that Brown wasn't up to Blair's level and how he was losing the election campaign. As strictly tarnished goods (there's no way the standards commissioner will report before the election), they won't be able to get away with any such attacks.

So he has to endure a few barbs this week. But Brown has got three major monkeys off his back for many months to come. Now, if only he could do something about Charles Clarke...

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johnpaul said...

Clarke wasn't a blairite, he's criticsed Brown, but the other 3 have acted stupidly if not illegally, its up to them to work for labour now and clear their names