Monday, 22 February 2010

Peter Lewis leaving Cornwall Council

Cornwall Council has announced that Peter Lewis, the Director of Corporate Support, is to leave his post on 11th March. I have always found Mr Lewis to be very capable and supportive of members and will be sorry to see him go. But the manner of his departure and the reasons being given have raised more questions than answers.

In a statement sent to councillors and now to the press, Chief Exec Kevin Lavery says:
"Over recent months, and particularly during discussions about the council's business plan, budget and improvement agenda, Peter Lewis has expressed a desire to sharpen the focus and increase the pace of change beyond what I consider the council is ready for at this time. Consequently Peter has decided to leave Cornwall Council in order to contribute to an organisation with which he can feel more aligned."

I think it is reasonable to ask what direction Mr Lewis wanted the Council to take which could not be agreed. Given that the administration has set out its stall with the aim of privatising many council services, I can only assume that this is not the move that Mr Lewis was after.

I'm also concerned about the timing of Mr Lewis' departure. It would be normal in the case of a manager of his level to have to give around three months notice - although I have no knowledge of the terms of Mr Lewis contract. So how come Mr Lewis is leaving in just over a couple of weeks time? For the Council to hire in an interim Director will be costly, so why has Mr Lewis not been held to the terms of his contract?

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