Wednesday, 3 February 2010

More chuffed than a very chuffed thing

It's not officially announced until tomorrow, but the embargo has been broken by various news outlets and so I can reveal that I have won the New Councillor of the Year award given by the LGIU.

Obviously I'm very very chuffed at the news and want to thank the LGIU very much indeed.

Tomorrow I'll be in London at the LGIU's conference (and picking up the award) and so I'll blog more about it then.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Nice work - keep it up.

Anonymous said...

Well done you! edwina

Paul Walter said...

Many conratulations Alex. Very much deserved

Anonymous said...

Ref your tweet and " met standards board rep,thumbs up"
Please tell the electorate who the rep was,is that an official thumbs up,ie the board has met and everything is fine, has a complaint actually been made to the standards board,if so when we can we see the minutes of the meeting etc etc

Alex Folkes said...

Hi Anonymous (2). The thumbs up tweet came after a chat with Anne Rehill, Guidance and Liaison Manager at Standards for England, who was a speaker at the conference yesterday. I am not aware of any complaint having been made to the SB and this is not 'official clearance' as that would not happen unless/until a complaint was made.
As I said in the tweet, the thumbs up she gave was to the idea of councillors using twitter responsibly as part of their council work, including in meetings - as I believe I have.