Monday, 22 February 2010

Launceston residents asked to trek 48 miles for Bangors Lane planning meeting

On March 4th the Council's Strategic Planning Committee will be debating the application from Sita for the new waste transfer station at Bangors Lane on Pennygillam Industrial Estate. You can find the papers for the meeting here.

The application is the only substantive item on the agenda, yet the meeting is set to take place in Truro - 48 miles away from the town affected.

For those who want to object to the application, those who want to support it or just those who are interested and find out more, this is an enormous and unnecessary journey.

I have written to the Council to ask them to move the meeting to the town or, at the very least, to move it to a nearer venue such as Camelford.

When the new council was created, we were promised that it would not be unnecessarily Truro-centric. I'm sorry to say that it appears that this meeting is failing that test.

Note: Although I don't sit on the committee, I have taken the decision not to comment either in favour or in opposition to the application until the meeting.

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