Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Do you fancy being a Town Councillor?

Following the resignation of Tony Howe, there is a vacancy on Launceston Town Council. This will be filled either by a by-election or by co-option.

The Town Council meets roughly once per month and runs a number of services in the Town including some open spaces, allotments and the Town Hall. The council is also consulted and has its say on any other issues affecting Launceston.

In the interests of democracy, I would hope that there will be a number of people who are interested in the post and therefore that there will be a by-election. In order for this to happen, at least 10 electors living in Launceston must formally call for a by-election to happen. To the best of my knowledge, the way to do this is to write to the Deputy Returning Officer at Cornwall Council - although I'll have to check who this is!

If a by-election is called for but there is no contest (ie if only one person puts themselves forward) then the one nominee will be declared elected and there will be no cost.

If not enough people call for a contest then the Town Council will co-opt someone at their meeting on March 16th.

If you are interested, get in touch with the Town Clerk, Rita Skinner, on 773693 or email

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