Friday, 12 February 2010

Devon and Cornwall Police set for officer cuts

Devon and Cornwall Police have announced that they will cut officer numbers by 5% over the next three years - 180 officers in total. In addition they will be cutting 100 back office staff and will be raising their element of the Council tax by about 5% every year - about double the current rate of inflation.

Most of our area has a very low level of crime. That's not to say that individual events are not shocking and deeply affecting for individuals and communities, but we do not have the same problems as many cities.

Whilst a 5% cut is not likely to lead to huge changes, it is clearly a step in the wrong direction. I am concerned that it will mean slower response times and less community engagement. I'm keen to hear from the Police themselves about how they will manage these cuts and what service degradation they envisage.


Foss said...
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Foss said...

I'm willing to bet the chief exec of D&C constabulary hasn't offered to take a pay cut.

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