Sunday, 21 February 2010

A culture of openness and transparency?

Way back at the start of the new Cornwall Council, the Leader - Conservative Alec Robertson - promised a culture of openness and transparency. Whether he meant that as a political dig at the Lib Dems or not, we certainly welcomed the sentiment.

It's such a shame then that the new administration has completely failed to live up to the promise.

- On the Council's property policy, at first the Leader claimed that there was no list of buildings they were thinking of selling off, only to then be forced to admit that there was such a list (but councillors can't see it);

- on schools targeted for closure, the council at first denied any list existed, but after repeated Freedom of Information demands now acknowledge such a list is in place, but insist it will not be disclosed;

- on the budget, the administration shut down debate with only half the councillors who wanted to ask questions or have their say being able to do so.

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