Thursday, 25 February 2010

Council playing silly beggars over Clegg visit

Cornwall Council has decided to bar Lib Dem Leader Nick Clegg from visiting the Heartlands Porject in Pool. Local Councillor Kym Willoughby wanted Nick Clegg to see for himself how a rundown old mining area is to be transformed using a multi-million pound Lottery grant.

Even local Labour bigwig Malcolm Moyle (who is part of the team behind the Heartlands Project) seems mystified:

"I'm in favour of anything that we can do to publicise it. I would welcome the leaders of any political party, as I would welcome any member of the public. I don't know if there's an issue with the Lottery, or whether it's something to do with an impending election. What I do know is that once an election is called you will see all these party leaders visiting schools and so on, so why shouldn't they come here?"

I can recall times in the past when Lib Dems have been denied access to various projects whilst Tory politicians have had full run. The claim then was that the Tory was a 'Shadow Minister'.

As Mr Moyle says, most projects would welcome a visiting politician as it brings publicity and nobody would mistake allowing a visit for any sort of support for the party.

I presume that no Conservative politicians will be allowed to visit any Council facilities between now and the election.

You can read the full story on This is Cornwall.

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