Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Salting and gritting - latest position

The Council has issued an update on its salting policy, particularly as it relates to grit bins and pavements.

The position is that they are concentrating their efforts on keeping the network of A and B roads open. This includes a fairly substantial network in Launceston town itself, although not the estate roads.

The Council is NOT salting or gritting pavements or roads they deem non-essential except in response to a request from the emergency services.

The Council provides grit bins in various locations around the town and residents can take grit from these in order to make pavements and drives safer to use. However, the grit in these has been running out very quickly. They will be re-filling the grit bins when they can, but they are concentrating on keeping the main roads open.

The Council has received many requests for more grit bins. They will seek to provide new bins, but not until after a full review has taken place this summer.

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