Tuesday, 12 January 2010

The rubbish hokey-cokey

The severe weather recently has played havoc with Cornwall Council's ability to collect rubbish. Not surprisingly, the bin lorries cannot safely negotiate icy roads - particularly not hills - and so local residents have seen their rubbish bags sitting outside their doors for a week now.

The Council asking residents to be patient and they will collect as soon as possible.

The problem comes with the advice being issued to take uncollected rubbish back into your property. If your black bags have been sitting in the street for up to a week then they are not exactly pleasant and bringing them back into your garden (especially if that means back through your house) is not nice. It's even more of a problem if you live in a flat and have no outside space.

I think we all appreciate that the Council is doing its best in difficult circumstances, but what will happen if Cllr German gets his way and we only have rubbish collections once a fortnight? If there is a severe weather then we might have to keep our rubbish for up to a month.

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