Monday, 25 January 2010

Launceston could get highways money

Launceston could finally get some essential highways works. For the past year, the town has missed out on virtually all road improvement work, but this could finally be about to change.

The draft council budget for next year is going to include an extra £6 million for highways works and about £1 million of this will be allocated to individual councillors to use on key projects in their wards.

In the past, the old county councillors had a budget of £10,000 per year for this purpose. The new figures appear to be smaller than this, but at least we might have something after a year in which there were no devolved budgets and precious little spending in the old North Cornwall area.

The highest priority for me at the moment is for new crossings on busy roads in the town. The Launceston Road Safety Partnership has done excellent work in identifying where these are most needed. The problem is that less than £10,000 is unlikely even to be able to pay for a single crossing and so we will still need to rely on officers deciding that the town needs urgent extra funds.

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