Friday, 22 January 2010

Good news on Ridgegrove Play areas?

I know this may sound a bit like tempting fate, but it looks like there could be good news on the horizon for the Ridgegrove play areas.

A brief bit of background:

The Ridgegrove Estate has two small play areas. Neither are very to date and both sit on slopes. At the end of last year, some equipment was removed from one of the areas for safety reasons although other equipment passed a safety audit and remains in place (but some crucial safety work still needs doing).

There is no facility for kicking a ball about safely on the estate. The nearest safe areas are at Priory Park and on the Lanstephan Estate.

After much frustration caused by the fact that the play areas are funded by the Housing Department (which has no funds to update them or replace lost equipment), I met yesterday with Mike Owen, a senior officer of the Council. Mike and I walked around the estate in a downpour and he agreed with me on the following:

- that the play areas need updating and transferring from Housing to general fund.
- that the walking routes to Lanstephan and Priory are not safe and an alternative kickabout area needs to be found.

That's really good news (although early days yet) and I'm very hopeful that we can get this sorted out.

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