Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Fortnightly rubbish collections still on council agenda

Julian German, Cabinet Member for the Environment and Waste, is still plugging away at his one man crusade to force those of us in the East of the County into fortnightly rubbish collections (as well as those in the West, but not those who live in the centre).

Despite being opposed by the Lib Dems and Conservatives, Cllr German has succeeded in putting the scheme in the budget for two years time. No work will happen on the plan until next year at the earliest we are told, and the Cabinet will debate the matter in about 18 months time.

I believe that abandoning weekly rubbish collections will be very detrimental to our tourist trade, will lead to an increase in vermin and could even be hazardous to those living in flats and other properties where they will be forced to keep refuse indoors for up to 13 days at a time.

That said, I understand why Cllr German wants to have a debate on this as he claims that it could lead to an increase in recycling rates. I would welcome such a debate and believe that this should include all councillors and the people of Cornwall - not just 10 members of the cabinet.

Whilst I disagree completely with Julian German's position on this issue, at least he is being consistent and honest. My question is for the Conservatives who say they oppose fortnightly rubbish collections - if this pledge makes it into the final budget proposal (as it seems it will), will they vote for the budget?

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