Friday, 15 January 2010

Fatty Pickles decides personal abuse is legitimate political debate

Tory Party Chairman Eric Pickles has resorted to personal attacks on his Lib Dem opponents - surely a desperate measure from someone who is meant to be leading the 'love-bombing' efforts.

A week or so ago, former Lib Dem Leader Paddy Ashdown gave an interview to the Western Morning News in which he warned that a return of the Conservatives to Government would be bad news for Cornwall. He talked about what the Conservatives had done when they were last in power and, in particular the high water charges that all Cornish taxpayers face.

Mr Pickles has now hit back. Rather than engaging in political debate, he attacked Paddy for having a frail memory. That's a pretty bald reference to age and the implication is that Paddy has alzheimers or another form of dementia.

Paddy is no longer in the first flush of youth, but he is far fitter than any other 68 year old I have ever come across and could run rings around most MPs (from all parties).

Presumably, if Mr Pickles thinks that age is a legitimate subject to attack opponents on, then so is Mr Pickles' weight. The morbidly obese Mr Pickles would do well to answer the questions posed by Paddy rather than trying to deflect attention from the Conservatives' abysmal record when they were last in power.


Paul Walter said...

"he is far fitter than any other 68 year old I have ever come across "

I think he's far fitter than many 36 year olds!

As Harry Hill would say: There's only one way to sort this out!


Alex Folkes said...

According to the Parliament Spy twitter feed (now taken down). Fatty Pickles also eschews tomatoes, thus making him a salad dodger.

Rankersbo said...

Fitter than some MPs ten years his junior I think.

Iain BB said...

Our Tory candidate is 71.