Monday, 4 January 2010

Do the Conservatives not care about housing or homelessness?

I only ask because there was not a single Conservative committee member present when the scrutiny committee discussed the Council's Housing and Homelessness Strategies this afternoon.

The only Conservative member in the room was David Biggs, who is not a member of the committee.

The Housing cabinet member, Mark Kaczmarek, was also absent.


Anonymous said...

So attendance at an over running committee meeting is the measure of how much we care about these issues? What an interesting view of the world! Oh sorry forgot you were just trying to score some more political points!

Cllr Steve Double

Alex Folkes said...

Except that it wasn't over-running. As the Chair said in a letter to all committee members before Christmas - the meeting was expected to last well into the afternoon. I wouldn't expect every member to attend every minute of every meeting - there will always be competition for our time. But it seemed strange that not a single Conservative committee member was there for the items on housing strategy and homelessness.

Anonymous said...

I agree to a point but I don't know about you but my dairy gets filled way ahead of time and a letter just before Christmas wasn't enough notice - I think this was the case for many members. But whatever, to use this to imply some members don't care about the homeless is simply a cheap shot.