Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Council considering abandoning local roads?

At today's environment and economy scrutiny meeting, an officer raised the possibility of a managed abandonment of some of Cornwall's road network. The argument is that road maintenance is very expensive and the budget is being squeezed tightly. So it would be better to give up on maintenance on some minor roads and concentrate all the Council's efforts on the most important routes.

Graeme Hicks, Cabinet Member for Roads and Transportation, was very quick to stamp on this idea - and a good thing too.

I have visited a number of countries around the world where the entire roads budget is spent on a few 'prestige' projects and every other road is left to decay. Most often, the roads that are maintained are those from the capital to the airport and to the Presidential Palace. God forbid that Cornwall should be forced down this route. The impact on our tourist trade of making many of our country lanes impassable would be catastrophic.

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