Friday, 22 January 2010

Charles Causley's House

On Ridgegrove Hill stands a line of small cottages. One of these is the former home of the poet Charles Causley, perhaps Launceston's most famous son.

The house is now owned by the Charles Causley Trust which is seeking support to save the property and turn it into a museum and poetry centre.

Yesterday I met with two of the Trustees who are seeking support with their aims - support that I was very glad to give. Although the house is in a bad way at the moment, it has the potential to be a fascinating attraction in the same way as Dylan Thomas' boathouse or Wordsworth's cottage is.

To achieve the ambitions of the Trust will require a lot of money - as much as a quarter of a million pounds - and this won't come easily. But I'll be working with my colleagues at the Council and with the Trust to see what might be available.

If readers have any thoughts about the property, the Trust and its aims, please get in touch.

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