Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Allowances - decision time

The full council meeting today is dominated by a discussion about allowances. The debate has gone on for so long that we have broken for lunch and will reconvene at 1.15. Personally, I think it is wrong that we should be spending hours debating our own money when we have not even spent a minute in silent tribute to Captain Read whose body has been flown back to the UK today.

I'll blog more fully later about the allowances debate but put simply, the Lib Dems have stuck to our manifesto pledge to freeze allowances for the four years of this council. The Conservatives are in support of freezing allowances - but only until after the general election when any embarrassment of them voting for more pay is over. Most of the Independents who have spoken so far are in favour of higher allowances.

It seems fairly likely that we will therefore see no change. More later

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