Saturday, 2 January 2010

All Blacks win Battle of Cornwall (part 2)

I haven't been posting much about rugby this season but thought it would be apt to report on today's fantastic win for the All Blacks at Redruth (in part because it will annoy my brother, a Reds fan).

Back in September, Launceston beat the Reds in their first home match of the season despite a last gasp rally by the visitors. It was a shame that such a big match was so early in the season, but it was great to win.

This time, Nigel Hambly and his team seemed to think that they could get the better of the All Blacks. And for most of the game it looked likely that they would. They scored the only try of a very scrappy match - ironically when they were down to 14 men. That came about because of a mistake - Ed Lewsey chose the wrong option in kicking ahead. The kick was charged down and Mark Richards scored. That was the Reds' only score of the match though and whilst they threatened several times they failed to capitalise.

For the All Blacks, the normally rock solid boot of Tony Yapp fluttered - perhaps Yapp had the yips? He missed two penalties, one with a horrible shank. He also missed an attempted drop goal with ten minutes to play and the All Blacks a point behind. But, crucially, he also kicked two penalties and an injury time drop goal to give the All Blacks a 9-7 victory.

Launceston are now third in the table.

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