Thursday, 7 January 2010

Airbrushed and parted - typical Dave, typical Dave

When Jo Swinson launched her campaign against the airbrushing of models in adverts I never thought that it could possibly be so relevant to a political campaign poster as has proved to be the case.

Does it matter? Yes.

It matters because politicians should present the truth about themselves. I don't care what a politician looks like but if they cannot tell the truth about that, then what can we trust them to tell the truth about?

Cameron himself is trying to (air)brush the story under the carpet by claiming that he doesn't know if it was airbrushed but 'hopes it wasn't'. Perhaps, as Nich Starling says, he should ask. Or even just look in the mirror. Or even The Mirror, as Stephen Glenn points out. (Image courtesy of The Mirror)

(apologies to Messers Marr and Morrissey for the title)

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