Friday, 29 January 2010

5 Live gets stung with product placement

Out of the Radio 5 Live reshuffle, we now get Richard Bacon in the afternoon slot for four days per week. One of the slots he has started is called Help, where people can ring in with DIY, pet and money queries and get them answered by experts.

In what could be an ironic nod to Alan Partridge (but I suspect isn't), callers are required to start their request with the word 'Help!'

One of the callers on yesterday's show was a woman called 'Carina' who was calling because she claimed dog urine was discolouring her lawn. She asked whether a product called Dog Rocks was a safe and effective solution.

The expert gave her answer in the affirmative. But the caller kept on coming back to the name of the particular product and ended with the push-statement 'So you agree that Dog Rocks are an effective way of combatting this problem'.

I think that Richard Bacon may have got suspicious about the caller's motives at the end of the conversation, but it was still an effective plug by 'Carina' and her PR company.

The iplayer version of the programme is available here.

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