Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Was Council telling the truth on Scilly link?

Back in September when the Cabinet last discussed the Scilly link project, everyone was assured that Option C would be pursued alongside the 'preferred' option A. So when Option A was scuppered by the planning committee on Monday, surely Option C was ready and waiting to take over?

Not according to Transport Cabinet Member Graeme Hicks at today's Cabinet meeting. He told those present that he would not be following up any further option that involved Penzance.

Earlier, he answered questions from Penzance residents who had travelled up for the meeting telling them that the promised action on Option C had not been taken and no tenders for route operators had been sought - only an exploratory discussion with a company which ended up making no tender bids at all.

So why was the promised action not taken and does the Cabinet have a clue what it is going to do next?

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