Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Tory budget - utter confusion

At Cornwall Council's Cabinet this morning there was utter confusion about the status of the budget. Despite the Conservative Leader of the Council sending out a press release commending the budget plans, he appeared to back down today whenever he was challenged on a controversial point.

I asked about the plans to close some One Stop Shops for two additional days a week and was told that this was only an idea and was not yet definite - despite it being in the Council's budget for this year.

My colleague Doris Ansari asked about the outrageous plans to get rid of weekly rubbish collections in East and West Cornwall (including Launceston) and was told that it would be foolhardy not to consider it. I wonder if the Conservative Councillor's motto ought to be: 'One Cornwall - Two Tier Service'?

Other facilities, such as Looe Bowls Club, are scheduled for closure in the budget without local councillors or the public even being told. When challenged on these, Cabinet members hastily promised consultation.

Which leads me to the question - just what status does this budget paper have? We are told that the Cabinet has discussed it in detail several times (and individual cabinet members have been working on plans for ages with their officers). Yet they are running away from every controversial proposal.

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