Saturday, 19 December 2009

Snow hits Launceston

Despite the weather forecast saying that we would be clear and dry today, the snow has hit Launceston and made driving conditions very tricky indeed.

I've been on to Cornwall Council asking them to send gritters to the area as soon as possible. As things stand, a couple of inches of snow have made the main roads very tricky and some of the side roads next to impassable.

It's currently sunny and blue sky over town but that is likely to mean falling temperatures as the afternoon progresses and so the remaining snow will turn to ice.

The Council will be salting all the A and B roads in our area over the course of the next couple of hours but it will take some time to happen. So please be patient and don't drive unless absolutely necessary.

In the meantime, why not do some Christmas shopping in town and, if you have any concerns about older neighbours who live on their own, please pop round and check that they are ok.


neil craig said...

More evidence of global warming then.

Paul Walter said...

The bus from holsworthy to bude got stuck at bridgerule this pm