Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Slippery conditions

You probably won't need telling that the road and pavement conditions around Launceston are pretty horrendous still with ice making any sort of venture outside very difficult.

For me personally it is very tricky as I have 16 concrete steps up to the front door of my flat and they have become next to impassable. I know that many people are worried about going out at all. Those who have yet to finish their Christmas shopping will be hoping for a rise in temperatures tonight.

I have been asked by many local residents why the Council is not salting more roads and more pavements.

The full answers can be found on the Cornwall Council website. In short, the Council will salt the main (A and B) roads if they think that they will become dangerous. But they can only work so fast and cannot reach every road. Around town, the A30 is the responsibility of the Highways Agency, not Cornwall Council. The Agency tend to be a bit slower to react. In town, there are lots of the major routes that are salted, including:

Western Road - St Thomas Road - St Stephens Hill
Dutson Road
Tavistock Road
Windmill Hill
Race Hill
Dockacre Road to Prouts Corner
The A388 to Polson
A circuit around the town centre

A full map is here (you can drag it and zoom in), but remember that most roads are not salted and neither are footpaths. With the hills around town, this can make footpaths especially dangerous. There are some salt bins around the town which residents are free to make use of. But please also remember that the salt will run out and so please only use what you have to and do not expect it to work straight away. If you find a salt bin which is empty, let the Council know by calling 0300 1234 222 or email

But that will leave many areas untreated. The residents of Kensey Valley Meadow, for example, can find it impossible to drive cars out of the estate as the Council does not salt the roads there. I know that people living in Ridgegrove, Lanstephan and other areas will have the same experience.

I am asking the Council to look at a better road treatment policy, but any change will take time and will not come into force during this cold snap.

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