Friday, 18 December 2009

Launceston car park prices rise again

Back in June, the Liberal Democrats stood for election with a manifesto commitment to introduce 10p first hour car parking in all towns. We believed that it was the best way to support struggling town centre shops. It was a measure that was already working well in the former Caradon area. And the measure was certainly popular with local residents. I think that I only came across two people who didn't like it of the hundreds that I talked to.

Since the election, we have pressed the case for this change and the Council is now considering it. At the recent parking panel, the members threw out a Conservative Cabinet move to increase fees by up to 300% and instead said that, for the coming year, fees should rise by just 5%.

So far, so good.

I assumed that as Launceston car parks had seen fees rise from 60p to 70p for the first hour earlier this year (a rise of 16.7%), that there would be no further increase.

Unfortunately this is not the case. Not only is there to be another increase, but it will not even be limited to the 5% promised.

Fees are going up by 10p across the board (equivalent to 14%). For the first hour, this will mean you will be charged 80p. For 1-2 hours the charge will be £1.30, £1.90 for 2-3 hours and £2.50 for 3-4 hours.

So law abiding people wanting to pop into local shops have seen a rise of a third (33.3%) in just two years.

I believe that the people of Launceston have been misled by the spin that parking charges are rising by just 5% and am asking the Council to reconsider the change urgently.

If you agree - or have any other comments - then you can fill in the consultation forms by clicking here. I also understand that you can get a paper copy of the consultation at the Launceston One Stop Shop.


Cllr Andrew Wallis said...

Some of the Panel are from the LD party and voted for this Policy. They understood the reason behind it and backed it.

It would be unfair to say that the LD's had no part in deciding the 5% raise.

Those LD on the Panel are also going to be working along with the other Parties to get the emotive issue of Parking right.

Alex said...

Thanks Andrew for replying. As mentioned in the post, a 5% rise seems reasonable enough, but it doesn't seem right that car parks in Launceston should suffer a second 10p rise meaning a total rise of 33.3% in 12 months.

Cllr Andrew Wallis said...
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Cllr Andrew Wallis said...

I hope you and others will help in getting this policy right.

Parking effects everyone. I want a policy that is as cheap and fair for all.

I agree, it might seem unfair that there has been a rise in your area. My own area has seen the same.

The previous raise was under the last Administration and I had no say in that.