Thursday, 24 December 2009

Elan abandons residents to snow and ice

I am dismayed at the decision of developers Elan Homes to abandon the residents of Kensey Valley Meadow to dangerous roads and unsafe footpaths.

The roads and footpaths of Kensey Valley Meadow in Launceston have been particularly badly affected by the recent snow and ice and are still dangerous to use. Residents have been unable to drive to and from their houses and have found the footpaths to be dangerous. Some residents are trapped in their homes.

Many residents of Kensey Valley Meadow have been in touch with me about the dangerous state of the roads and footpaths on the estate. Some people have had to cancel family Christmas visits and others are fearful about losing their jobs if they are unable to drive to work.

The roads on the estate are unadopted and so Cornwall Council says that it is not able to provide salt or grit to make them safer. The responsiblity falls with developers Elan Homes who simply reply that their company policy is not to salt or grit developments. The offices of Elan closed at midday on Christmas Eve and staff will not be available again for five days.

I am shocked and appalled that Elan should treat residents of its development this way. It appears that they do not care that family holidays are being ruined, that residents are fearful of losing their jobs or that people may be seriously hurt on the snow and ice. Whilst Elan staff are enjoying safe and happy family holidays, many residents of Kensey Valley Meadow feel trapped and abandoned.

I have asked Cornwall Council to consider urgent action to salt and grit the roads of Kensey Valley Meadow as a special case but I am not hopeful that they will be able to do so.

I have been pressing both the Council and Elan Homes to get the roads adopted since I was elected in June but both have been dragging their feet on the issue. Now we see residents suffering as a direct result.

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