Thursday, 10 December 2009

Cornwall Tories propose 2.9% council tax rise

Cornwall Council's Conservative led administration are proposing a 2.9% rise in Council tax for next year.

The final decision won't be taken until the Full Council has its say in February and Cornwall Council is only responsible for part of the final Council tax bill. The Police, town and parish councils and other agencies such as the Environment Agency can also add 'precepts'.

In June, the Lib Dems stood on a manifesto pledging to limit Cornwall Council's tax rises to the level of inflation over the course of the four year term. Inflation is measured in two different ways. RPI inflation is currently -0.8% and CPI inflation (the more stable version and the Government's preferred measure) is just 1.5%.

Add to this the fact that the Government formula grant for Cornwall for next year has increased by 4.5%.

I'll have a much closer look at the budget plans over the next couple of days and post here what they are saying they will do for local services.

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