Friday, 4 December 2009

Cornwall Council wasting money telling farmers how to drive

I see that Cornwall Council has spent a load of taxpayers' money on a new advice leaflet telling farmers how to drive on roads.

I'm sure that most readers will have been frustrated to have been stuck behind a farmer on the road every so often. I know that most drivers have also come across roads caked in mud after a tractor has come out of a field.

But what effect will this leaflet actually have?

Farmers have a job to do. At certain times that means they have to take slow moving vehicles onto the roads. Often these vehicles are caked in mud from fields and there is little they can practically do to clean them at the gate. Thie road use is usually dependent on crops or animals or the weather - nothing they have much control over.

Some farmers are extremely considerate drivers - pulling into laybys as often as possible to let built up traffic pass. Others are simply not willing to consider other road users. So they're just like the rest of us in this respect.

Will any farmer really change their ways because of a leaflet from Cornwall Council (even if it has NFU backing)?

Just how much has this leaflet cost and what effect does Cornwall Council really expect it to have?

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