Thursday, 17 December 2009

Conservatives exclude Lib Dems from County Farms review - UPDATED

Cornwall's Conservative led Cabinet has excluded all Liberal Democrats from a review of County Farms. These are the agricultural holdings which are owned by the Council and rented to farmers.

A review of the County Farms strategy is very sensible and the Cabinet agreed yesterday that a review panel should be set up. You would have thought that the membership would have encompassed councillors from across the county and across the political divide to make sure that every aspect is considered.

Yet Carolyn Rule - the Cabinet Member responsible - has decided that no Lib Dems should be allowed to participate. And so the expertise of people like Adam Paynter and Glenton Brown (both farmers of long standing) will be ignored.

I have nothing against the people who have been chosen (
Pam Lyne, Bob Egerton, Mike Eathorne Gibbons, John Dyer, Lisa Dolley, Judith Haycock, Phil Tucker, Chris Goninan, Philip Parsons & Gavin Shakerley), but Cllr Rule clearly needs to think again.

UPDATE: It now seems that Cllr Rule has realised her mistake and has invite both Adam and Glenton to be part of the review panel.

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