Friday, 4 December 2009

Bangors Lane Waste Site application submitted

Sita have formally submitted their planning application to move their waste and recycling site to Bangors Lane on the Pennygillam Industrial Estate.

The plan is to move their existing facility - which is too small - and to create a much larger site which will continue to provide a range of recycling options for residents as well as to enable the transfer of household rubbish from the regular bin lorries into larger vehicles. Larger trucks will be able to carry more waste and so cut down on the number of journeys overall.

I've had the benefit of seeing initial plans from Sita and these raised a number of questions in my mind but overall the scheme looks to be well thought through.

I don't sit on either the local planning committee or the Cornwall-wide planning body and so will not be able to vote on the application but I will be going along to the meeting (date not yet known) to ask questions of the developers and planners to make sure that local people will not be adversely affected by the scheme if it gets the go ahead.

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