Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Anna Werrin and John Morris

I was very saddened to hear of the deaths of two people I worked with.

The first is Anna Werrin, who has died following a stroke. Anna was Charles Kennedy's Head of Office throughout his leadership of the Liberal Democrats and subsequently managed Chris Huhne's second leadership campaign in 2007. I worked closely with Anna in both roles as I was taking photos for the Party. I always felt that Anna was a figure of importance that the media never really cottoned on to. She never sought the limelight but had a magnificent political brain and managed really difficult situations very well indeed.

John Morris came from a completely different sphere. He was, for two years or so, the Reserve Team Manager of AFC Wimbledon, joining the club under Dave Anderson. In this role, John brought on a large number of young players who have gone on to reach a high standard in the non-league game both with Wimbledon and with other clubs. I used to enjoy reserve team games almost as much as the first team and made a lot of friends among the players. John was always a football man first and foremost. You read about Arsene Wenger spending all his off moments watching match videos and thinking about tactics. Well, John was the same. He was always ready to talk about his charges with fans and was another who never courted the limelight but had a profound influence on those around them.

My thoughts are with the families of both Anna and John.

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