Thursday, 5 November 2009

Still no idea of what Tory/Indie coalition stands for

A way back in June, Tory Council Leader Alec Robertson promised to produce a manifesto setting out what the new coalition administration at County Hall stood for. This is needed because it is unclear to local residents whether we should believe the Tory manifesto or the 31 different Independent ones. We need to know what vision the administration has for Cornwall - what they hope to achieve and on what basis we can judge their success or failure.

With a new administration, the process was always going to need some time - Alex Robertson said it would be ready by October.

October came and I asked for an update on progress. Cllr Robertson said that what would actually be coming was a Business Plan for the Council - not exactly a political manifesto but it should at least have given us a clue what they were on about. But, they were failing to meet their promise to produce this by October and so we would have to wait until November to see the draft document.

Now we have the agenda for November's cabinet meeting and, guess what...

Yep, no sign of the Business Plan on the agenda.

Another broken promise and no idea what the Tory led administration stands for.

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Anonymous said...

"String 'em up, sell it off"?