Thursday, 12 November 2009

Post Office closure consultation was a sham says report

Perhaps Cornwall's Conservatives have been learning from the Government on how not to conduct a consultation.

A report out today from the House of Commons Public Acounts Committee says that ministers showed a "real lack of concern" for communities across the Westcountry when ordering the closure of dozens of post offices across the region - including Newport Post Office in Launceston.

The report says that the consultation was 'little more than window dressing'. By stating the number of closures in advance, the Government had, to all intents and purposes, already taken the decision they were consulting on.

The report goes on to say that few people were aware that there was a consultation and that the savings achieved by closing the post offices were comparatively small.

Outrageously, the Government has already brushed the report aside. The minister responsible has said that, despite the failure to consult and take the decision properly, the decision stands.

Sounds a lot like Cllr Robertson.

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