Thursday, 26 November 2009

Polling Day in St Austell Bay

I can't get to St Austell Bay today for polling day in the first Cornwall Council by-election. But I have been there the past few days and it certainly looks like it will be close.

The by-election is being held because Conservative Richard Stewart has had to stand down for health reasons. Richard had a majority of about 450 over the Lib Dems - one of the safest in the county.

However, it is clear from the number of activists on the ground that this time will be a lot closer. As well as Lib Dems and Conservatives, Labour are standing but nobody has heard anything from them all campaign.

The Lib Dem candidate is John Oxenham, who is the only candidate to live in the ward and has put forward a vigorous campaign on key local issues. The Conservative candidate is Bob Davison, who is a career politician and already a town councillor ensewhere in St Austell. Incidentally, Bob is close friends with Tory MP Grant Schapps, the bloke to announced plans to concrete over Cornwall* at the Tory Party conference. Bob is the Conservative's campaigner in chief for the whole of Cornwall and was very embarrassed to lose out (to a Lib Dem) when he stood in a different ward back in June.

I'll be looking out for the result which should come through at around 11.30pm tonight.

*Ok - not literally, but he wants to remove almost all restrictions on where developers can build.

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