Monday, 23 November 2009

Lib Dems only a point behind Labour in latest poll

The excellent website Political Betting has started commissioning its own polls. They are carried out by Angus Reid Strategies who use the same sort of methodologies as most of the other UK pollsters (only MORI - the company behind yesterday's poll which had the Tories just six points ahead - differs in major ways).

The new poll - completed earlier today - has the Tories still well ahead on 39% (still shy of the magic 40% barrier) but Labour slumping still further to 22% and the Lib Dems on 21%, a single point behind.

'Others' are still very high at 18% - which I think is probably fairly accurate at the moment, although a lot of people currently thinking 'other' will drift back towards the main three during the election.

If true, it clearly shows Labour heading for massive trouble. Because of the ways the votes are split around the country, Labour could be level with the Lib Dems and still have more than twice as many seats, but it would mean a sea change in UK politics.

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